Day Two: In Memory Of

Frances SlotaThe original plan for this trip was to come by Ohio first and visit family and more specifically, my grandmother. Frances Slota, who has been under family and hospice care for several months now.

Almost all of my family is from Ohio and the majority of them still live there. It wasn’t uncommon growing up for myself and my sister to be dropped off to stay with my grandparents during the summer for a few weeks each year on top of the Easter and Christmas visits to spend time with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. It was a second home for us as children, even if it was 8 hours away.

Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away before we made the trip up to see her, originally planned for a few days later this week. I’m thankful for summers and holidays I got to spend with her. I’m thankful for my family who was able to be here for her during her time of need and I’m happy I was able to bring my girls to see her last year while she was in hospice. I know she  is with our Lord now and for certain she is happy with that!

I really enjoyed the time I spend with family while we’re here. I have several cousins within the same generation and many of us have started our own families now and get to watch our children play like we used to almost twenty years ago!

Grandma will always be missed!

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