Day Four: So cold…

We started day four in Oregon, OH a little late. We slept in, took time getting breakfast and finally hit the road shortly before 11AM.  We figured being a few hours ahead on the trip by starting for Chicago from Oregon opposed to Wadsworth would let us relax a bit more.

This relaxation faded a bit when we got into west Michigan. The temps were dropping from the 84 in Ohio to 70 near the lake. As we rounded into Indiana and ultimately into Chicago, the rain came on pretty steady and temps hovered around 65. Depressing.

First stop in Michigan

The rain was actually pretty photogenic in the city though with the clouds all around the tops of the skyscrapers. Chicago roads and routing are far better than D.C. roads and everything went pretty well getting to the Navy Pier.

Navy Pier

We spent a few hours at the Pier, but unfortunately, many things were under construction and as such not available. The girls were champs, but the cold rain was getting to them. We were able to stay indoors on the pier for a bit longer, having Avery ride the carousel before we left was a big hit.

It was a little odd only being an hour behind on the time zone change coming into Indiana earlier in the day, but it made for what felt like a much longer drive to Wisconsin once we left Chicago. The rain never let up with a constant stop/start cycle.

With a bit of traffic out of Chicago and constant road construction, we ended up taking an extra hour getting to Wisconsin and decided to stop in Lake Geneva for dinner and a few supplies.

That stop was the worst yet. Road construction forces drivers on RT12 to take the highway EAST for an almost 8 mile loss before detouring you back WEST. Something I’ve never seen Virginia do! It was entertaining seeing snowmobile crossing signs though as I’m sure this state sees it’s fair share of the white stuff. We settled in the original planned stop in the Wisconsin Dells near Lake Delton. Got in later than expected, but the rest was good and welcomed.

Day five starts the trek to South Dakota and to our first camping night!!

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  1. Ed says:

    Stop whining about the cold, you’re on vacation! Hey, if you pass through Custer SD, this place was just voted “Best Burgers in America”

    Have fun, guys!!!

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