Day Six: Getting ahead of schedule

Well, the 6th day of the trip, also my birthday did NOT start as I’d hoped. It did however remind me that birthdays just mean you’re getting old. I’ve been battling kidney issues on and off for the last ten years and well, happy birthday…. go to Casper, WY hospital!

Yup, burnt up all that extra time we made up yesterday in a hospital in Casper, WY. Luckily, it was quick and we were back on the road by 2.

We had to stop by a Wal-Mart to get a new airbed pump as the other “somehow” burnt itself up in Mitchell the night before.

I was so glad to be off of HWY90 in South Dakota that the roads in Wyoming seemed pretty fun. The scenery changes more often in Wyoming. The roads are better, but we still saw high winds a long hills netted worse MPG then we’d hoped for. The upside is everything seemed cheap here in WY. Gas is no higher than 3.45/55 and the weather at 95 degrees is really actually nice.

We made it to our campground in Rawlins by 5 and had camp setup in time for the girls to have some fun at the waterpark. Unfortunately, cell reception is terrible and wifi is spotty so no photos to upload just yet. We may have to wait until Salt Lake!

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