Day Eight: Snow, sand, free hotel?

Our eighth day starting pretty well. The overnight temperatures were great in Rawlins and the wind was pretty minimal so everybody slept soundly. I’m still on east coast time though and still got up at 5 in the morning regardless.

We’ve appreciated the cleanliness and amenities of the KOA campsites we’ve been staying at, but we’re learning their locations are not the best for viewing the night sky or having annoying sprinklers running in the adjoining neighborhood backyards. We’re going to stay at a few National or State parks the next time we camp just to mix it up a bit. We’ll still keep using KOA as needed though :)


We made the drive into Wells, NV seeing our first snow capped mountains along the way, and found Bella’s Restaurant for breakfast. THIS is a find. Everything is home made, they even have their own coffee – everything is fresh. It was probably the best place we’ve eaten on the entire trip for breakfast so far.


After filling up at Bella’s, we kept making our way towards Carson City, NV with no real plan of exactly where to stay yet. We originally thought about just finding a campground or hotel near Carson City but we really wanted to see Lake Tahoe as soon as possible. Whitney started looking around at hotels in the Tahoe area. Then, realizing there of course was a Harrah’s hotel on the lake, she called our Total Rewards customer service number to see if a discount could be had based on our points. Sure enough, they were able to use both Whitney and my rewards points and got us a free room at the Harveys/Harrahs hotel on the lake! Can’t say no to that!


The drive around the lake was awesome, if only freaking Whitney out a little bit with the drop off slops near the guardrails! It took us about 30 minutes to loop the lake to the south California side for our hotel. We arrived with enough time to check in and get the girls to the pool before some rain showers started rolling in.

We wrapped up the night with dinner at Harrah’s American River CafĂ© and some arcade games for Avery.


We did get in touch with my cousin who lives on the NV side of the lake and plan to meet for lunch tomorrow before heading towards San Francisco!

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2 Responses to Day Eight: Snow, sand, free hotel?

  1. jesbrose says:

    Have you guys made it to San Fran yet? If you have time, check out Fisherman’s Wharf and Muir Woods.

  2. William says:

    We did get through SF.. had lunch at the warf and hung around Pier 39 for a while. Drove past the Muir Woods but didn’t go to them..

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