Day Nine: Lake and Family

Waking up in Tahoe to a somewhat chilly 64 degrees, we weren’t sure if getting in the lake was going to be an option. We had spoke with our waitress the night before about good places to take the kids and she recommended Regan Beach which was only a few minutes from the hotel.

Regan Beach

It was a great choice since it really was more of a park than the beach. It had a really nice playground, plenty of level walking trails and a small sandy area the girls could have got in if it was warmer. Met some kayakers and some locals walking their dogs in the lake as it maintains a shallow 1-2 foot depth for a long way into the water. It seems like a very chill place and everybody was really welcoming.

Regan Beach
Morning at Regan Beach

We knew that around 1, we’d be having lunch with my cousins who live on the NV side of the lake, about 35 minutes from where we were so we decided to pack it up and see what we could find on the way. We came to a state beach “Sand Harbor” on the lake, about 15 minutes from my cousins house and decided we would stop there to check it out. Out of state guys get charged $12 to get in! Crazy… it was nice though since the sun had come out and the beach was actually warm. The sand is not like our typical east coast sands and lacks in castle building ability but is easy on the feet still.

We left the state beach and found my cousin’s home fairly easily. Jamie and Catharine were very welcoming – even had a great lunch prepared when we got there. The boys met us at the door and I’m surprised how big they are now! The home is settled in a quiet neighborhood and they even have their own bears who live in two dens in the back yard.


After lunch we went down to their community’s beach and pool where the girls actually got in the lake and had a great time. Getting to hang out by Lake Tahoe, catching up with family in the sun and breeze… pretty nice day for sure. Currently Carson City/Lake Tahoe are ranking high on a choice place to return to for us and having family there would make it easier :)
Tahoe Beach background
State Beach Lake Tahoe

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