Day Twelve: Lions and Tigers and Bears…

Oh my… Friday was the ZOO day. The unofficial turning point in the trip. We got up and left the hotel to go straight to the San Diego Zoo for breakfast. The girls got to have their favorite food: Avery had pancakes, Lilian had her Mac n’ Cheese.

Breakfast at the zoo

Giving Avery her own map of the zoo, she attempted to navigate us to where she wanted to go, which consisted of only seeing giraffes and tigers before we had to take over the routing. The zoo is very nice, plenty of shaded areas and very active animals, even during the mid afternoon hours when most are napping after their lunches.

By the time we got to the lions, they had moved to their den which is more accessible to zoo goers to get up close to the animals. The female was lounging out and had her paw against the glass… Only 1″ separated her paw from my hand.. closest I ever care to get to one of these guys, wild or domesticated, lol.

The pandas were also on display. First time I’ve actually got to see them. Momma panda was apparently tired.

Panda at San Diego


We left the zoo a little later in the day and decided not to try driving though Yuma in the dark hours. Instead, we headed north to HWY 10 and stayed overnight in Indio, CA. The desert is awesome at night. The entire area is an Indian reservation and there is no shortage of casinos, super cars and dust. It was actually a nice drive for the evening.. with the wind behind us for the first time, the Mazda started really pouring out the MPG with an average HWY cruising MPG of 45….


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