Day Fourteen: Desert to Rio Grande

We checked out a few more open houses on Sunday morning in the PHX Metro area before making the drive out of AZ to NM. Taking the north-easterly route through scenic state parks was amazing. Arizona has way more mountains than I expected, and they were awesome! So many tall cactus and very picturesque skylines with a storm that we chased through the mountains for a few hours. Even saw lightening from miles away catch “something” on fire by the time we caught up to the spot…

Only camera phone shot of the day:


Rain, rain and more rain. The drive to Albuquerque took us through more state parks and after climbing 5,000 feet of elevation, we were presented with “Elk Crossing” signs as a surprise since none of us realized, or even thought about, that Elk live so far south. The drive went on for hours in horrible thunderstorms, slowing us to 40MPH for some spots. Several cars appeared to be heroic in their attempt at passing, only to hit deep standing water and end up “off course”.

We eventually made it over the Rio Grand in ABQ and grabbed a hotel right on the water. Worse part is, with the terrible weather, we lack photo evidence.

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