Day Fifteen: More rain

With all the rain the night before, we weren’t out of it yet on the next day either. We left ABQ after eating at the Aztec Restaurant which had some pretty decent food, but pretty terrible coffee.

We made the way straight for Texas. With all the bad weather, we’ve begun sticking to the freeways with the most direct path to the next destination. No use in being stuck in the middle of nowhere if we don’t need to be.

The coolest thing about the storms though is being able to see the storms from miles and miles away. At one point, we could see the three different storms across the open land. It was at that time we thought… how frequent are tornados in this area? Pretty common it seemed… luckily, we saw none.

We drove from ABQ to Amarillo where we had got ahead of what seemed a bad storm and decided to find a place to eat and wait it out. While waiting on our food, I started looking around and got that “feeling” about Amarillo. Looked up the crime stats… definitely one of the highest crime cities in the nation… G R E A T. Time to leave… we walked around a bit until the storm rolled out and we jumped back in the car and made our way to Wichita Falls for the night. Again, another camping night cancelled due to the rain. When will it end?

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