Day Sixteen: Sunshine… sort of

Wichita Falls seemed pretty nice, but we weren’t going to stick around to find out. We had travelled through another time zone the day before and it took its toll on us. We overslept (yes, even the girls slept passed 9am) and completely missed the free breakfast! Frustrated and hungry, we hit the road…

Made our way to “Sweet Boy’s Diner” off the beaten path in Bowie, TX. First “real” Texan styled food we’d found. Another good find for sure. The loaded potato was great and the girls got their chicken and mac ‘n cheese they desired so much. Each lunch comes with dessert too… no doubt we were eating well.

Sweet Boys Diner

We started to see the sunlight and were trying to find out if maybe, just maybe, we could get a camping night in Texas before it was all said and done. With the drive to Dallas coming up, we thought it would time out well enough to have some fun in Dallas and find a campsite.

Nope – Dallas was a bust. All construction, roads are terrible… places we wanted to see were impossible to get to in traffic and didn’t really seem like much fun. We kept driving until we found a place for a snack and regroup on what the next stop would be.

Somebody recommended to check out Canton, TX. So we did… apparently, it’s a great place to check out, during the last weekend of each month as that is when the “Market Days” are in affect. Those keeping track should know by now, this is Tuesday… not a weekend. We did find a cool old downtown and antique store to browse through. Amazing how much cheaper things are out of VA.

Should also note that Texas has the cheapest gas thus far, even as low as $3.23 at one spot.

We ended up making the drive into Louisiana with the plan of staying in Shreveport. Yea.. about that, Shreveport is only nice if you stay in an expensive hotel and even then, it’s questionable. We drove to the next town and found a really nice spot – got all the way through check in only to be told they don’t have a room after all! Ugh… so we drove to Mississippi instead and got a room in Vicksburg for the night, right off the river. This is the second time we’ve crossed the MSR this trip, which is pretty cool really.

Tomorrow, we’re thinking of making it a beach day and HOPEFULLY camping out if the weather holds.

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