Cross Bar Install

In order to prepare for the Yakima Rocketbox install, we needed to add the factory crossbars to our already installed OEM roof rail system.

There are plenty of aftermarket options for roof cargo and rail systems, but I prefer to stay with OEM for gauranteed fitment and the appearance in generall more in line with what Mazda would have intended.

The part number for the OEM cross bars: # 0000-8L-R02. Generally they cost anywhere from $110-$150 shipped depending on supplier and current stock availability.

The install is pretty straight forward, but as usual, the included instructions don’t dive into any great detail and photos are always better.

First step, inspect the package and make sure everything is included:

OEM CX-5 crossbars

OEM CX-5 crossbars

Read the instructions and make sure you have all the tools handy for the install to save time:

Install instructions for cross bars.

Install instructions for cross bars.

The only tool really required for this job is a small to medium flat head screwdriver. I like to tape the ends of any tool that will be used around painted surfaces to avoid accidently scratches.

After reading the instructions, the next step is to pull the rear rail covers off to gain access to grooves that will hold the anchors of the bars. The rear covers have a small notch in them large enough to fit the flat head screwdriver. Don’t use excessive force, only light pressure is needed.
Rear Rail Cover Removal
Rear rail cover removal two
Rear rail cover removed

You can see from the last photo that the covers are only held in place by a single center pressure clip.

Next, remove the anchors from the bag and break the long tab off entirely. Without removing that tab, installing the anchors into the groove will be very difficult:

Break the long tab off the anchors

Break the long tab off the anchors

Next, following the direction on each anchor for which side rail to insert them into as well as making sure the arrow is facing the front of the vehicle, slide them into place. LH is driver’s side and RH is passenger side on a USDM CX-5:
0000-8L-R02 anchor installed

You may notice that the anchors are a tight fit to clear the rear rail entry groove. Apply light pressure around the arrow on the anchor to give it a slight “curve” and guide it in. Do NOT press so hard that you break or crack the anchor. Use just one finger in the middle to avoid too much pressure:
0000-8L-R02 anchor install 2

With the anchors in place, take the bars out of the package. Again, notice the direction and installation location:
0000-8L-R02 cross bar locations

To install, there is an open ended tab on the crossbar that will slide over the pin on the anchors:
0000-8L-R02 cross bar toe

Holding the cross bar vertically, slide the tab onto the pin on the anchor:
0000-8L-R02 cross bar install onto pin

Then rotate the entire bar flat so that the opposite end lines up with the hole in the anchor. Then using the supplied bolts, insert them through the cross bar and into the anchor:
0000-8L-R02 install with hardware

Tighten the hardware down as necessary. The instructions lead you to believe this is all that is needed. However, my cross bars were shipped with a slightly loose anchor pin. Using a T20 torque bit you can apply additional torque to the pins to hold the anchors down more securely:
Additional step

Don’t forget to reinstall the rear rail covers. They simply snap back into place.

That is it for now. I’m leaving the rails in the “unused” position until we’re ready to put the RocketBox on top!

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