Storage is a go

After getting the factory cross bars installed, we needed to add the new Yakima Rocketbox 12 to the CX-5. The goal is to have all of our camping gear in the box since we won’t need access to it all the time and it won’t all fit in the cargo area of the CX anyway.

Eventually, we’ll probably lower the CX-5 an inch or so which will make access a bit easier, but for now it holds everything we need for a weekend of camping or a cross-country camping adventure. If you need more room, there is always the option of adding a tow hitch and rack to the back of the CX-5 as well.

Yakima Rocketbox CX-5

Installation is a breeze. Used a simple tape measure to make sure it fit as centered on the bars as possible. The box is about the perfect size for the CX-5 only barely clearing the rear sat antenna but it is good enough for us.

Yakima Rocketbox CX-5 antenna clearance

This box looks great with the CX-5 too. We have put about 50 miles on it since the install and have not noticed an increase in air noise from the roof or any annoying rattles or knocks. Success.

CX-5 Yakima Rocketbox

Next up is some rash protection for the paint. Get new tires installed and a quick engine service and we’re ready to hit the road.

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