Temporary home

For the nights we plan to spend out of a hotel, we plan to spend in our new tent. I’ve had plenty of tents over the years and as a family of three, we never had an issue for room in the tent. However, four of us now and more stuff means the need for more space.

I’ve never liked the large compartmentalized square tents, so we researched it and found the Coleman Red Canyon. Its a dome tent, 17×10 and has dividers available to make room as needed. Perfect!

As for any tent, we did a trial setup to make sure there are not any hidden steps that may be avoidable in the future.

Everything went well and seems like the tent will fit the need well:

Coleman Red Canyon

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4 Responses to Temporary home

  1. fred says:

    Where do I plug in my Microsoft phone?

  2. William says:

    It is actually… biggest tent I’ve ever had. I do wish it was about 6″ taller though, but it will do…

  3. William says:

    Fred – you’ll have to charge that Windows Phone in along with the Windows Laptop and Windows Tablet in the Mazda (not Hyundai) car to charge during the long hours between camping :)

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