All wrapped up

The last few items we needed to address with the CX-5 before left were taken care of today.

Did an oil change with some Mobil 1 which will be spent by the time we return, but should offer the protection we need in the higher climates and long hot stretch of roads we plan to hit. Then got the OEM wheels wrapped in new Falken Ziex 612s provided by Discount Tire Direct. The tires feel great. The factory Yokohama Geolanders were a “good” tire. Good in dry but only so-so in wet. They also had some odd wear to them, even with frequent rotations. The Falken 612 has an excellent temperature rating, tread blocks with some serious response for an all-season and from the last two days of driving, they seem to more manageable on both noise and comfort. We’ll see how they handle later on during the trip.

New Falken rubber

Finally, we wanted to add some paint protection and maybe a little more attitude during the trip to the front of the CX-5. Ultimately, Whitney would like to change the entire car’s color to a teal or light blue, but for now we wanted to experiment with plasti-dipping large areas. Unfortunately, time wouldn’t allow for all we wanted, but we came up with a design that should protect the hood fairly well and gives the car a little “presence” on the road.
Rock guard rall stripe

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