On the road

The car is packed, kids have been kept up long enough to sleep the first few hours of the trip and we are officially starting. Dogs aren’t sure what’s going on, but we’ve explained they’ll have a new friend watching them and the house for the next few weeks.

I’m super impressed with how much gear you can fit in the Yakima Rocketbox 12. This trip would not have been possible without it.

Here’s the staging photo:
Yakima staging

We fit an additional two folding chairs in it as well.

Then the rest of the gear for the cargo area of the CX-5:
CX-5 Staging

Whitney did a fantastic job of keeping the packing to a minimum for this trip. When you’re traveling this long with not a ton of room for storage, you have to treat it like a backpack trip. We plan to do laundry along the way and needed to keep room for goods we pick up during the trip and the extra cooler.

Finally, I managed to stow away some tools and tire repairs kits just in case. It all fit nicely under the rear cargo hold of the CX-5:
Rear tools

See you in Ohio!

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