Day One: 364.8 Miles down

Well the first stop on the trip has been reached with little excitement on the road. It rained off and on most of the way through PA and WV but was still sunny enough for sunglasses. I hate road spray, it just makes a mess of the drive. A normal 8 hour trip was completed in 9 hours this time around.

WV Signs
We took the scenic route from VA to OH. We did hit some odd traffic in Berkley Springs, WV and then some rain here and there, but overall the scenic route was much more relaxing then dealing with PA’s infamous turnpike.

In Berkley, we stopped by the first Sheetz gas station I ever went to. We’ve been stopping by this gas station and/or the McDonald’s in Berkley for the last 25+ years. Not much to site-see but my girls at least have to endure the same trips I did as a child :)

MD Wildlife
The scenic route takes you through Cumberland, MD as well. This area is actually the only area in MD we don’t mind driving through. You get some good views on the trip, and if you find yourself wanting to kill some time, you can always hit up Rocky Gap casinos or stopping by Friendsville for a dip in Deep Creek lake.

PA Welcome
Ah Pennsylvania… the longest state to get through on our route from VA to OH. We really just stuck to a few pit stops in PA to start out with but as the night ran longer, we decided to get some food and take a short break after 7 hours in the car, the girls were getting tired and everybody was hungry. We stopped off in Chippewa, PA about 20 miles from the OH/PA border and ate a big buffet styled dinner at Ryan’s Buffet. We’re attempting to try and avoid places and restaurants we’ve been to before.

Once we got to Ohio, we stopped by my aunt’s home where family had already gathered for some baseball and family time with all the grandkids. Unfortunately, we were late enough to the point where we walked in as most were walking out. Luckily, we’ll have a few days still to catch up with everyone.

CX-5 uncle home
We made our way to my uncle’s home in Seville, OH where we’re going to stay until the middle of the week most likely. My uncle and aunt have always been more than welcoming hosts and I miss being able to spend more time up here with them. If you think we’re dodging all the VA humidity this week though, your wrong. We brought it with us to Seville, but I’m writing all this from my uncle’s sunroom with an awesome morning through-wind. Can’t complain…

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  1. jesbrose says:

    Are the girls asking “are we there yet?”

  2. William says:

    Avery actually said “We already here!” when we got out of the car, lol… pretty amazing really.

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