This is “VACAVA” (vak-ah-vah). A round-trip vacation around from our home in Virginia, to the coast of California and then home again in 18 nights.

The following are the planned areas of travel during the trip. It’s a rough outline of the trip, we’ll have more details on each day once we get to them!

Day 1 Sunday Culpeper, VA Wadsworth, OH 8HRS Family
Day 2 Monday Wadsworth, OH Wadsworth, OH NA Family
Day 3 Tuesday Wadsworth, OH Wadsworth, OH NA Family
Day 4 Wednesday Wadsworth, OH Harbor View,OH 2.5HRS NA
Day 4 Wednesday Harbor View, OH Chicago, IL 4HRS NA
Day 4 Wednesday Chicago, IL Madison, WI 2HRS Hotel
Day 5 Thursday Madison, WI Spirit Lake, IA 5.5HRS NA
Day 5 Thursday Spirit Lake, IA Mitchell, SD 2.5HRS Camp
Day 6 Friday Mitchell, SD Hot Springs, SD 5HRS Camp
Day 7 Saturday Hot Springs, SD Casper, WY 3HRS Camp
Day 7 Saturday Casper, WY Rawlins, WY 2HRS Camp
Day 8 Sunday Rawlins, WY Salt Lake City, UT 4HRS NA
Day 8 Sunday Salt Lake City, UT Wendover, UT 2HRS Camp
Day 9 Monday Wendover, UT Carson City, NV 6HRS Hotel
Day 10 Tuesday Carson City, NV Lake Tahoe, NV 30min NA
Day 10 Tuesday Lake Tahoe, NV Sacramento, CA 2HRS Hotel
Day 11 Wednesday Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA 1.5HRS NA
Day 11 Wednesday San Francisco, CA Salinas, CA 1.5HRS NA
Day 11 Wednesday Salinas, CA North Hollywood, CA 4.5HRS Hotel
Day 12 Thursday North Hollywood, CA San Diego, CA 2HRS Hotel
Day 13 Friday San Diego, CA Phoenix, AZ 5HRS Hotel
Day 14 Saturday Phoenix, AZ Albuquerque, NM 6.5HRS Camp
Day 15 Sunday Albuquerque, NM Sumner Lake, NM 2.5HRS NA
Day 15 Sunday Sumner Lake, NM Lubbock, TX 3.5HRS Camp
Day 16 Monday Lubbock, TX Dallas, TX 5HRS Hotel
Day 17 Tuesday Dallas, TX Baton Rouge, LA 6.5HRS Camp
Day 18 Wednesday Baton Rouge, LA Mobile, AL 3HRS NA
Day 18 Wednesday Mobile, AL Pensacola, FL 1HR Camp
Day 19 Thursday Pensacola, FL Jacksonville, FL 5HRS Camp
Day 20 Friday Jacksonville, FL Charleston, SC 4HRS Camp
Day 21 Saturday Charleston, SC Charlotte, NC 3.5HRS Camp
Day 22 Sunday Charlotte, NC Culpeper, VA 5.5HRS Home

Over 6,500 miles of driving and who knows how many hours will be spent at the wheel, but we can’t stop thinking about the different things we’ll get to see. We’ll see 25 states during the trip! Only a few more to see after this and we’ll have seen them all!

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  1. William says:

    Going to leave notes here as it’s easier to follow on the road..
    Suggested alterations:
    1. Stay in Palo Duro Canyon SP in lieu of Lubbock, TX
    2. Stop by Park City just before Salt Lake, UT
    3. Off the beaten path, hit up Pietown, NM between PHX and ABQ
    4. Use HWY50 to Lake Tahoe instead of HWY80…

    Thanks James for the ideas…

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